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Cider Workshop

Cider Workshop for Apple Day

Cider makers share their experiences in making cider and with the increasingly complex regulatory world that surrounds cider.

For a decade, the regulating authorities have been tightening restrictions around cider production, resulting in fewer and fewer options for people who want to press their own apple juice or cider. This year, one orchards was visited and had to agree to give up supplying any any cider wholesalers to comply with the latest regulations.

So now people who want to be able to get hold of real cider will have to learn how to build home made cider presses at cider workshops in order to have the food they can’t buy.

The original rules required all fruit juices marketed through wholesale channels to achieve a massive reductions in pathogens, which can only be done by pasteurising the cider so it’s not a real unpasteurised cider any more.

For example, whether you are a beginner or a current cider producer, this summer you may again have an opportunity to learn in depth about making quality cider and perry, orchard management, and succeeding in the cider industry from Peter Mitchell, one of the world’s leading experts. Peter Mitchell’s intensive five-day cider workshop is generally about “Principles and Practices of Cider Making” and many of the UKs top craft cider makers started out after attending one of his cider workshops.