Cider and Perry Tasting Part 1 (via Rhi’s Foodie World)

A nice rant from Rhiannon about the use of the term pear cider for a drink that isn’t really perry anyway. Then she goes on to review a bunch of products that are almost all examples of the industrial type of drink that are responsible for muddying the waters around the whole concept of cider and perry as we knew it. There’s promise of better lines to come in part 2.

Cider and Perry Tasting Part 1 Before I even begin I am going to have a short rant about the term “pear cider” which has become so popular of late.  I hate it.  There is already a term to describe a cider made from pears, it’s PERRY!!!!  The term perry seems to have got a bit of a bad reputation thanks to such classy beverages as Lambrini and Charlemange, but until the wonderful cider revival/revolution came along in the last few years cider didn’t have such a great reputation … Read More

via Rhi's Foodie World


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  1. I’ve finally got round to writing up part 2:


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